[ExI] Worshiping that Divine Blowhard

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Mar 29 14:23:23 UTC 2009

John Grigg wrote:

 > Lee wrote
> > If there was such a petty tyrranical
> > all-knowing being that runs *everything*, okay, I'm on
> > my [knees] however many times a week He wants. Now, if He
> > were just Good, it might even be entirely worth it! (I'm
> > not too proud to worship if the alternatives are worse.)
> I prefer the Mormon concept of God as our literal Father in Heaven.  "As 
> /man/ is, /God/ once was; /as God is, man may become/."

As far as deities go, the Mormon God has always been my
favorite, the faith stipulating complete philosophical
materialism, as it were.

> And so life is 
> viewed as a sort of divine boot camp to test people, and those who 
> choose to love and serve their Heavenly Father will in time become gods 
> themselves, creating worlds and peopling them with their own children. 

To "test" people? Then the Old Boy is not omniscient?
That would be fine by me, but is that really the LDS claim?

As for the rest, it sounds like "Microcosmic God", and
would easily fit into "our universe is just a simulation"
ideas. (Nick Bostrom could follow in the line of Joseph
Smith and Brigham Young, if he could only wrap his mind
around polygamy, the economically best solution promoting
eugenics that an advanced culture (19th century or beyond)
is capable of.))

Hey, that's not bad! God was a teenager who created our
universe as a homework problem, but let his old testament
wrath get out of hand. Upon mature reflection a few years
later, he arranged for Christ to soften the message.
Meanwhile, we need only worry about him shutting down
this simulation because He's got better things to do...


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