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> > John have you noticed the roaring silence in the mainstream media 
> > about this breakthru?
> Hey that is not the mainstream media's fault, Madonna is 
> thinking about maybe possibly adopting another baby!... 
>  John K Clark

John I share your cynicism.  The whole stem cell field has been as
contaminated by politics as has been the science of global climate change.
The researchers need to somehow reach the masses with a simple message:
forget the ethics and politics for just one minute, and realize that an
embryo is someone else.  If you use embryonic cells, you must deal with
immune system mismatch between you and someone else, as with any organ
transplant, using immune system suppressants.  You don't want your own
immune system fighting tissue that is already programmed to explode into
massive quantities of meat, especially with all the immunosuppressants
floating around in your system.  If you use your own stem cells, that
problem is already solved.  Perhaps your adult stem cells can be reassigned
to do what they already do best: healing your own tissues.

The current adult stem cell research is a hundred times bigger story than
anything that has gone before it in the field, yet the news is all Madonna,
all embryonic stem cells, jeeeez, when will these news people get the
foggiest clue?


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