[ExI] To Arms!

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Mar 31 06:58:54 UTC 2009

BillK wrote

> The trouble in France, of course, is that the foreign French-speaking
> people were deliberately imported from former French colonies to do
> low wage jobs that the resident French people didn't want to do
> anymore. And the resident French people were delighted to accept the
> cheap services provided.

Yes, indeed! It's the greed and selfishness and lack of adherence
to principle that accounted for the adoption of slavery, and the
West paid and is paying a huge price.

Each Frenchman, ("le fainéant"), who has succumbed to this lure
has placed his nation in great jeopardy. People should get off
their asses and clean their own homes and take out their own
garbage. On this score, at least, I'm no hypocrite.

The very idea of having *servants* or using the "hired help"
is almost as disgusting as that of *worship*, against which
I railed yesterday.

> But the foreign workers faced massive discrimination and prejudice
> ever since they arrived. And now live in slum, no-hope housing estates
> on the borders of the cities with no hope of ever assimilating.
> Naturally they riot and protest from time to time.

All true, I'm afraid. The lazy French probably prefer this
situation to having to do their own menial tasks, what's a
riot or two if it doesn't get to your part of town? What if
it's really only a massive problem for your children to face?


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