[ExI] Group Selection Advances

Aware aware at awareresearch.com
Fri May 1 23:11:54 UTC 2009

> At 03:14 PM 5/1/2009 -0700, Keith wrote:
>> [BillK:]
>> Isn't this disproved by the falling birth rates in first world societies?
> No.  The only thing this shows is a temporary mismatch between the
> environment (including culture as environmental element) and the genes.
>> Surely it isn't in the self interest of the genes to reduce reproduction?
> Never.  By definition.

Actually, that depends entirely on whether we mean reduce the
reproduction *rate*, which would seem to be the only sensible
interpretation, since the alternative amounts to a tautology.

And of course throttling the reproduction rate is not only good for
the longer-term persistence of the gene, but quite quickly become
necessary for any organism in any environment given the ruinous
consequences of unthrottled doubling.

- Jef

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