[ExI] "recession is going to end in about 6 weeks"

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Wed May 6 03:08:00 UTC 2009

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 1:21 PM, Brent Neal <brentn at freeshell.org> wrote:

> This represents about 30 seconds of Googling. Unless you think that the von
> Mises Institute is too left wing for you, of course. :)
> http://mises.org/story/2948

### Very nice article. How does it relate to the question of when the
present recession would end? The author does not even once mention the
specifics of today's problems, and devotes the article entirely to the
question of whether recessions in general are deflationary or

> The question at hand is the one being talked about in the GI thread, though.
> It is entirely feasible that these are the growing pains towards an economy
> that where the wage-income link is weakened, something that the folks mired
> in industrial age economics can't wrap their heads around. As we begin to
> understand that ideas and memes  will often be more valuable than stuff,
> there will inevitably be some rough spots as we transition from an economy
> based on atoms, arranged just so and moved from point A to point B , to an
> economy based on bits, arranged just so and moved from point A to point B.
> (Where they would then be "minted" into the right sort of atoms, perhaps. Or
> perhaps not.)
### How does that relate to the short-term economic forecast?


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