[ExI] Silly

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri May 8 04:32:25 UTC 2009

At 06:08 AM 5/5/2009, Dan wrote:

> Will cryonics even work?  And even if it does, it
> depends on everything going right until you get
> revived.  If, say, the laws are changed to completely
> confiscated all your funds and wealth after legal death --
> so that other, "wiser" people (i.e., those in the political
> or corporate elites) decide where your wealth goes -- then
> you might be left to rot.

Yes, all these terrible things could happen.
But if you were faced with imminent death,
just what choice is there?

Does your logical argument boil down to "well,
something could go wrong"?

> I wonder if you've read the posts on CryoNet by this dude:
> http://www.cryonet.org/cgi-bin/findmsgs.cgi?author=daniel%20ust

That's a lot of posts, from a long time ago.
What's your current take now? That chance are
that cryonics is going to be made illegal
sometime soon, and that those frozen must


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