[ExI] criminals? pows? spies?

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat May 16 06:21:22 UTC 2009

This is most puzzling:
So were the detainees captured with the status of POWs, then urged to be
considered criminal suspects with habeas corpus rights (since we had not
declared war, but al qaeda had on us) but now with reinstated tribunals,
they are being legally converted to... what?  And if they are found guilty
(of human caused disaster?) then what do we do?  We can't keep them, we
can't let them go, we can't shoot them, and any course of action in trying
them sets the legal groundwork for politically motivated retribution as soon
as the current crop of elected leaders are out of power, with precedents
being set now by those same leaders.  
This is one hell of a note.  The phrase "take no prisoners" once meant to
slay everyone.  Now it no longer means that, but rather a more advisable and
much more literal course of action, for it is entirely unclear what in the
hell to do with them if you do.  Rejoice, for war is now obsolete.  We can
no longer fight, for we no longer have the unambiguous legal foundation to
do so.
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