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Il 14/05/2009 3.41, Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:
> 2009/5/12 painlord2k at libero.it<painlord2k at libero.it>:
>> You are under the false assumption that all work is the same.
>> Are you telling me that a surgeon work less than a nurse?
>> It is like comparing orange and apples.
>> Not all work is the same, as a surgeon is able to do a work the nurse is
>> unable to do. There are less surgeon than nurses. To have a working surgeon
>> you need to invest much more scarce resources than to have a working nurse.
> The extra time training for the surgeon is reflected in the higher
> pay. But there are limits: if a surgeon makes a hundred times as much
> as a nurse, that is unfair. The market may grant the surgeon this
> because there aren't a lot of surgeons. So ultimately, a person's work
> is valued according to supply and demand. Maybe there is no better
> way, but it does show that amount of work done, or productivity, is
> not the ultimate arbiter of a person's worth. It is possible to do
> very little work and get paid very handsomely for it, and figuring out
> how to achieve this leverage is the goal of every capitalist.

Unfortunately, with capitalism come competition. They work together like 
Siamese twins. So, if you find a job that pay handsomely for little work 
it is very probable that you will new competitors before than after. And 
the the law of offer and demand start working and start to prevent to 
the price from rise but not from fall.
Higher the gain, larger is the number of competitor that will try to 
take your market share.
This is the key feature of the capitalism; when an innovation is 
introduced, all are forced to take note of it.
The capitalist will try to raise his income innovating, small or large.
He will try to guess what are the needs of his future buyers

So, if you find a high paying work that require small affords, 
responsibility and so on, enjoy it as much as you can, because 
capitalism will take care that it will not last much.
If it don't happen, well you are unique and deserve your reward.

> I'm not saying the capitalist system is not useful for allocating
> resources. But it does happen that some people, whether through luck,
> intelligence, wealthy parents or whatever, are able to command a huge
> proportion of the world's resources relative to other people who seem
> to work just as hard.

I could agree that some people appear to not deserve what happen to 
them, good or bad it could be. But any type of solution implemented 
caused large, unintended, negative consequences in the long run.

> Capitalism is OK with the fact that a fashion
> model earns hundreds of times as much as a theoretical physicist,
> because that is what the market pays. "That is what the market pays"
> is the ultimate criterion of productivity and worth, and therefore the
> reason why someone drawing a subsistence welfare payment is morally in
> the wrong. I don't agree with this, but I suspect we have come up
> against basic ethical principles, and hence impasse.

The problem is not that the subsistence welfare payment is wrong, but 
the fact that it, in the long run (but not very long) will cause other 
large problems and will not solve the original problem.
The only good welfare payment is the welfare payment that a person don't 
want take and take it only because he has not other choice.
It would be self limiting, people would use it only if really needed and 
would stop ASAP.

Affirmative Action politics last so long because they are epic failures.
In Italy the "Cassa del Mezzogiorno" program, started after the WW2 to 
help the South to develop was an epic failure. It lasted 40 years and 
today we continue to pay for financing "the development of the South of 

These programs last because they help supporters of theprogram but don't 
help the people the program is intended (or presented) for.


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