[ExI] the anti-Jews

Olga Bourlin fauxever at sprynet.com
Sun May 17 18:58:40 UTC 2009

From: "MB" <mbb386 at main.nc.us>
To: "ExI chat list" <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org>
> In my teens I put my foot down and said ***NO MORE***.  My mother was 
> dismayed and said she'd find a church more to my liking.  ???  She found a 
> Russian Orthodox
> congregation - I couldn't understand a word they said - and I attended 
> there a
> number of months, until I was gone from home. The music was lovely.  :)

Ha!  Coincidentally, the Russian Eastern Orthodox church was that of my 
upbringing.  I attribute my love of opera (to the exclusion of just about 
ALL other music) to that.  What else could I do besides stand there and 
listen to the music and look at the pageantry?

BTW, the Russian Eastern Orthodox church was very, very anti-Semitic.  There 
was reputedly a "White Russian" connection to the rise of Nazism.  One of 
the reasons I left the Church (in my head) at a very early age can be 
attributed to the fact that I tended to get crushes on the smartest boys in 
class (and they were, very often, the Jewish boys).  So, some of my reasons 
for leaving the Church were intellectual (but most of them were hormonal 



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