[ExI] the anti-Jews

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun May 17 18:25:33 UTC 2009

Olga writes:

> I was making a connection to the post made about Asimov's "Jewish
> background."  Asimov was anti-religious ... does his "Jewish background"
> matter when describing him?  He was a humanist.  When do people stop being
> Jews or Christians (if they become atheists)?

Darned if I know.  In their own minds they may stop but others still think of them
as Jews or Christians. Do you think a Christian could have gotten away with writing
Asimov's joke books, full as they are of Jewish jokes?  I kinda doubt it.

> I'm a skeptical nontheist (not all atheists are skeptics - so I make that
> little distinction sometimes) - and I gave no one consent to baptize me when
> I was a few days old (believe me, I would have protested if only I could!).
> Does that make me have a "Christian background?"

I also was christened in early days and probably screamed my head off but the ritual
went on nonetheless. ;)

> As soon as I could think
> (very early in my life, when I realized I didn't like to be limited to being
> a "Christian") I got the hell out (at the beginning, in my mind, although I
> was still dependent on my family so had to play along with the rituals at
> times ...).

My wider family had considerable agnostic leanings and matters of faith were seldom
mentioned, although church attendance was required.  Being an obedient child, I
went.  Probably would have been dragged there no matter what. ;)  So IMHO we are
both of Christian background - like it or not.

In my teens I put my foot down and said ***NO MORE***.  My mother was dismayed and
said she'd find a church more to my liking.  ???  She found a Russian Orthodox
congregation - I couldn't understand a word they said - and I attended there a
number of months, until I was gone from home. The music was lovely.  :)


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