[ExI] the anti-Jews

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun May 17 19:35:28 UTC 2009

 > ...On Behalf Of MB
> That said, my favorite music in the world is old hymn *tunes* 
> - a childhood remnant:
> lying in my bed at night and listening to my older brother 
> play the piano downstairs. All was right with my world. 
> Comfort food for the mind/heart.

Oy, how well I can relate to that sentiment.

> But the theology? Yikes! 

What MB, you don't like the notion of some innocent person being brutally
murdered for your sins?  I just can't understand why.

> I like to sing solfege to those tunes. ;)

Here's another little game.  Take the tunes to those hymns (all of which I
know by heart from my misspent childhood) and substitute the words from any
randomly chosen rap song, which can be found as easily as googling on "rap
lyrics."  For instance put the following to the tune of Amazing Grace: 

...If one more cop harrasses me I just might go psycho
And when I get 'em, I'll hit 'em with the bum rush
Only a lunatic would like to see his skull crushed
Yo, if your smart you'll really let me go 'G'
But keep me cooped up in this ghetto and catch the uzi...

Then put the lyrics to Amazing Grace in the style of rap.  Weird Al
Yankovich has made a career of this kind of thing.



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