[ExI] the anti-Jews

Olga Bourlin fauxever at sprynet.com
Mon May 18 02:37:45 UTC 2009

From: "MB" <mbb386 at main.nc.us>
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>> They creeped me out (especially when then knelt down and continually 
>> bonged
>> their heads on the floor after crossing themselves, over and over again).
> Ah yes, you were in "the mother church" - not the American copy. There 
> were pews in the church I attended, and those old women huddled in them 
> all bowed up. They didn't bong their heads on anything that I saw, but 
> they darn near prostrated themselves to the priest.  He did look 
> impressive in his golden robes and all, but I was never tempted to fall 
> down before him! ;) To me it was costume.

That was the trouble with the churches.  It wasn't enough that you belonged 
... you had to belong to the RIGHT ONE.  Y'all parishioners of the 
American-copy churches ... hellbound!!!

>>I only recently started delving into this:
>> http://www.cambridge.org/us/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521845122
> Oooh. :(  That will be depressing reading I think.

:(( yessir. 

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