[ExI] LIT: The Medusa Complex - A Theory of Stoned Posthumanism

natasha at natasha.cc natasha at natasha.cc
Wed May 20 20:30:58 UTC 2009

"The Medusa Complex: A Theory of Stoned Posthumanism" by Ted Hiebert,  
tosses posthumanism into the stew of postmodernism, and far from a  
transhumanist logic.  On the other hand, the mythological figures are  
well-suited for this piece.

One paragraph stands out, however:


"This is where the posthuman is born - in the embodied reflection of  
poststructural uncertainty looking for the first time at itself.  
Posthumanism is the postmodern mirror, one that looks into the mirror  
without recognition, for the boundaries of identity and body have  
dissolved into the uncertainty of perception, and the self no longer  
appears, even to itself, without the waverings of its own  
impossibility. Once the self turns its deconstructive gaze on itself,  
all other meaning needs to be recontextualized. The gaze is displaced,  
disoriented, disassociated, and it is not the world that is uncertain  
but more problematically the very site from which perception and  
cognition pretended to be born."

Well - this paragraph does not reflect my own view, but I was  
wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it?


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