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Natasha is making a lot of sense. The uploading option is not
available yet, so we can only enjoy what we have now and at the same
time enjoy our visions for the future.

This makes even more sense to me since I am not wildly optimist on the
actual development timescale of uploading technology, and don't really
hope to se it achieved in my lifetime.

But I use to react to those who insist that the uploading option is
impossible in principle. because this position (especially when it is
not supported by actual arguments) looks like mysticism to me. And I
also react to those who insist that transhumanist ideas are "dry",
because this position shows that they have not understood much.


On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 1:14 AM,  <natasha at natasha.cc> wrote:
> Quoting Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com>:
>> Giulio wrote (in Dancing the transhuman r-evolution)
>>> I am one of those who see the body as a meat cage and, if the option
>>> were already available, I would cheerfully choose to upload to silicon
>>> or cyberspace. But then I would want MORE color, sound, scent and sex,
>>> not less.
> Well, sure.  But it is not.  So why not enjoy what you have now and enjoy
> your visions for the future.
>> At the risk of introducing an identity thread,
>> I have a simple question. Suppose that two
>> equally technically reliable alternatives
>> exist: non-destruct upload (where the body's
>> mind is just copied into VR) and destructive
>> upload (where the body is disintegrated as
>> the upload is performed). Questions of "backup"
>> aside---i.e. assuming total safety is ensured
>> in all cases---would "you" also leave behind
>> a meat copy, or (equivalently) would "you"
>> applaud the happiness of the self uploaded
>> (and continue to be about as content with
>> life as you are)?
> I'd keep a copy of the body (and have several upload copies as well.) I like
> the idea of having saved fasions of the past.  Never know when I might want
> to pull it out, dust it off, and try it on for a spell.
> No, let's not go into a thead on which is the real you.  Please.
> Natasha
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