[ExI] Left Behind

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri May 22 21:45:32 UTC 2009

Jef wrote

>> Giulio wrote:
>> I am one of those who see the body as a meat cage and, if the option
>> were already available, I would cheerfully choose to upload to silicon
>> or cyberspace. But then I would want MORE color, sound, scent and sex,
>> not less.
> Giulio, nearly everyone in these futurist forums (and nearly everyone
> else too) shares this desire for more in the way of the sensual
> pleasures you list.  But I think it's worth pointing out, that more
> coherently, there is no distinct or essential "you", separate from the
> meat, and the very sensual desires you express are *defined* by the
> nature of the "meat" within the current cultural context.

I'm surprised that this didn't provoke any disagreement.
At least to me it meant that uploading is such a radical
transformation that the "you" has completely changed,
which in some minds would be unacceptable.

But anyway, regardless, the key point of the matter
for me is that in principle, I may have been uploaded
already. That is, an extraordinarily good uploading
technique could have been applied to me while I slept,
and here am I, today, uploaded just fine, even though
no one has told me.

This scenario retains for me "my current cultural
context", allowing me exactly the same capabilities
I had yesterday, even though now there is no meat.


> Self-identified Transhumanists appear intent on preserving and
> protecting an essential identity, to be augmented and amplified,
> enhanced and extended, transcending virtually all constraints in order
> that the Self might explore and enjoy the nearly boundless
> possibilities of existence.
> Sounds great. Too bad it's incoherent...

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