[ExI] Book: Chronicle of the Future: In thousands years, in millions years, in billions years, in eternity?

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Damien, it looks like there is an on-going "chronology race" when it comes
to futurist book timelines/timeframes...   ; )

*Taken from the Amazon.com website:*
*Product Description
*Written in a Socratic style of questions and answers, Chronicle of the
Future by M. Taube is a fiercely original text that blurs the boundaries of
popular science. Over six hundred pages are filled with images, tables,
graphs and sharp-witted banter between three distinct voices that the author
calls The Time Traveler, Eve, and The Chronicler. Best described as a
trialogue, this narrative is a robust and uncanny search for meaning and
truth throughout time and otherness. In twelve chapters, the characters with
the help of two-dozen famous writers and thinkers discuss the universe, its
makeup, habits and mores to its very essence of meaning, especially in far
future. They dissect what it means to exist as binary entities—part of all
of the universe and individual—from elementary forces and particles to the
human mind. Filled with candor, it is a hopeful treatise that discusses the
very far future of the Earth, the biosphere, and all of mankind.

*About the Author*
M. Taube received his PhD in physical chemistry from the Polish Academy of
Science. The head of chair of Radiochemistry at the University of Warsaw, he
later became the laboratory head at the Swiss Federal Institute of Energy in
Würenlingen, and lecturer at the University of Zürich and the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology, Zürich on “Evolution of matter and energy on the
cosmic and terrestrial scale.” He is the author of over 100 scientific
publications (mostly experimental) and twenty scientific and
popular-scientific books in Polish, Russian, German and English. He and his
wife have two sons and four grandchildren and live in the village near
Zürich, Switzerland.

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