[ExI] "meat"

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Mon May 25 03:34:31 UTC 2009

I'm not too sure if meat could or would describe my body or mind.  Meat to me means a slab of flesh, nothing more, I find it contains a lot of useless stuff..lol..

>From a physical point of view I find it a shame that people think their bodies as a mere means to carry their brain but I don't have yet the experience to understand how the decay of a body whether the means of chosen choices or disease can lead to this result.

Imo, the body gives multiple pleasures:)  Whether it be through dance, sports or arts, it gives my mind a way of release.  

I think those that gain out of life try to concentrate on the bettering of the mind and understanding the body as at this present moment, one can't live without the other.


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> >Since we started using it to differentiate the physical
> presence with the
> >online world, we could go all chemical and refer to
> second life as the
> >electrons, and the other as the protons.
> Or hard-ons and leapt-ons.
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