[ExI] Myostatin-inhibitor patron

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Mon May 25 05:27:58 UTC 2009

Hey all,

I apologize for not keeping the extropians up on what I've been up to.
One of the projects that I have been working on involves myostatin
inhibitors. Myostatin is a negative regulator of muscle mass in the
human body. Through the inhibition of myostatin, mice, bovine, and
even some mutant humans (through natural recombinant effects)
experience increased muscle mass. In myostatin knock-out mice,
problems show up in tendon health. However, with a proper inhibitor
dosage regiment, the mice shouldn't experience these effects.

As a project, the equipment required isn't outside the range of a
well-equipped somewhat broke college student. Say, perhaps, one who
would be willing to work on this sort of project if there was a patron
interested in the results of such a project. Normally, you would go
through grant bodies for science and engineering, but you might also
be interested more in keeping in tune with the transhumanism

I was wondering if anyone might know somebody would be interested in
helping fund this project. I do not have a full expense schedule at
the moment (and one could be constructed, although it would be more
speculative than filled with certainties), but if anybody has ever had
pet mice, you have the right idea in general in terms of expenses.

- Bryan
1 512 203 0507

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