[ExI] Meat Hacks

Dan dan_ust at yahoo.com
Wed May 27 16:52:59 UTC 2009

--- On Wed, 5/27/09, Emlyn <emlynoregan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You should never design a system so that a small point
>> failure can crash the
>> entire thing; if your heart stops you're dead meat. So
>> give each blood corpuscle its own mobility with a rotary engine
>> connected up to something like a flagellum just like
>> bacteria do. Then you wouldn't need a heart.
> Wouldn't they swim in random directions? But the idea
> is very cool. Wait, doesn't blood also do some work with
> temperature stabilization, which would require flow?
> You might be able to attach a redundant heart, I don't
> know, in your leg?

Why just one?  Why not a distributed pumping system so that there's no master pump to fail?
> Could you replace the plasma with some kind of oxygenated
> gel like we see in The Abyss? Idk if that stuff is actually
> real :-)

I've often thought about why the whole system has to rapidly decay once there's a small but critical failure.  A few minutes without blood flow and it's all over.  Think of an old style personal computer.  The CPU fails for some reason.  The HDD, etc. are still operable and one merely has to replace the CPU.  The HDD, etc. don't start to rot once the CPU fails.




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