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Sat May 30 04:35:48 UTC 2009

Some here may have attended Dr. Kaufman's pitch at Stanford a couple years
This article points out something I have been thinking for some time now,
and I am seeing it more and more, or perhaps perceiving that which was
always there.  We see science matters that are clouded by politics and other
considerations, to the point where the actual science becomes irrelevant.  
A good example was that article I posted yesterday on Bernoulli numbers,
where the mainstream press went on and on about the formula being found by a
teenage Swedish immigrant from Iraq, paragraph after paragraph in one news
story after another, but none of them would actually just write out the damn
formula!  None!  So how can we evaluate?  I don't care who he was or where
he was from, just the formula please.  It really isn't all about "See there,
immigration to Sweden is good."  Politics dominated what should have been a
purely scientific article.
Other examples, the obvious one, evolution vs "intelligent" design.
Anthropogenic global warming.
Now this autism/vaccination link.
It looks to me like science is being robbed of its credibility by factors
beyond our control.
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