[ExI] health care individual mandate

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Nov 9 01:43:27 UTC 2009

I am deeply reluctant to bring up once more a hot button issue, but a funny
thought occurred to me.  The US house of reps approved a bill yesterday with
a weak version of the public option but a strong version of the individual
mandate to buy health insurance.

What if... you are a member of Christian Science?  Do not confuse Christian
Science with Scientology, two very different things.  In CS, your own church
teaches you that it is wrong to visit the medics.  So now your government is
demanding that you buy health insurance, and since the public option is very
expensive, they demand that you purchase a very expensive plan you refuse to
use.  {8^D  

So do those guys get a hall pass from the teacher?  If so, what if the young
indestructibles suddenly discover the wonderful church of Christian Science
and how wise are the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy?  Would the millions of
late comers to CS have their hall passes withheld?  Or would the government
be forced to recogize they have this little clause in the first amendment to
the constitution, and let the hundred million new CSers go their way?



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