[ExI] health care individual mandate

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> On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 8:25 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> >.. the real question to me is
> > whether the US government has the authority to make its  
> citizens buy 
> >it.
> C'mon, spike, the "authority"?  It can pass all manner of 
> laws, compel you to pay taxes, conscript you into the death 
> machine, and imprison you if you resist.  Forcing you to buy 
> health insurance is small potatoes by comparison.
> >  I look at the constitution,
> That rag?  Puleese!  Just for show...

Ja, but suppose they pass the HC reform bill, millions refuse to buy, then
what?  They are brought to court, the courts dismiss the cases, otherwise up
it goes to the SCOTUS, which boots the entire law.  I am ready to predict
this outcome.  Actually I don't think it will pass the senate, but if it
does, it will die in court.

> >  If it did, it could instantly solve the persistent social 
> problem of 
> > homelessness.
> Homeless people don't make campaign contributions...

Perhaps you missed the huge piles of campaign money raised by Senator
Clinton in 2008, from all those homeless people and minimum wager earners.

> >  It could simply pass a law that requires every person to 
> buy a house.
> Sorta like what we've just been through?  How's that workin' 
> out for you?
> Best, Jeff Davis (still Mr. Smart Ass)

We have missed you Jeff.  Where the heck have you been?


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