[ExI] new alibi

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Nov 13 07:07:28 UTC 2009

Short version: a robber is accused of a different robbery that he didn't
commit.  Alibi: he was doing a time stamped facebook update at the time the
crime took place 12 miles away:
OK, so how long before facebooking robbers figure out how to create a
time-stamped facebook update one hour after leaving the house?  The robber
writes up the update, poise a pivot arm over the return key with an ice cube
counterweight, drive across town, pull off the caper while the ice cube
melts, drops the pivot arm and hits the send key, providing a solid
time-stamped alibi.  Then the robber hopes she doesn't return home to find
the cat jumped up on the desk and knocked over the contraption before the
ice cube melted and hit the send button.
Better idea: set up a contraption that can be triggered by a cell phone
call, robber drives across town, calls home, phone ringer is rigged to drop
something on the send key, pull off robbery, go home, hope some yahoo didn't
call her trying to sell her carpet cleaning service a minute after she left
the house.
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