[ExI] singularity thru simulation of evolution

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Nov 15 23:20:21 UTC 2009


Singularity fans, do you ever envision some kind of roadmap to the
singularity?  What is your mental picture of that?  Do you ponder it?  What
I mean is, what specifics have you in mind?  What I don't mean is: you
imagine that computers continue to get faster and faster, and smart geeks
work alone in the night and then one day some mysterious miracle somehow
occurs and its the singularity, hurray.  


What I do mean is this: what is your mental picture or roadmap, however
fuzzy, to the singularity?

It may seem puzzling why I ponder the intricate details about evolution, and
why it matters if ants can be compelled to go in one-way paths, and if group
selection ever causes any genetic drift and all the intricate details of the
mechanics of evolution.  There is a good reason: my notion of a path to the
singularity goes thru creating a working computer simulation of evolution,
complete with feedback loops, chaos theory, contingency all the stuff that a
working evolution simulation would need to have in order to correctly
backcast, or postdict, what we think happened in the past.  

If we can ever achieve that, then I see no reason why we couldn't run that
sim on fast forward, using all the future available interconnected
background computing resources, then have that sim demonstrate to us how to
create the singularity.

If not, why then?

Is there an alternate path to the singularity that does not require a deep
understanding of how intelligence came about to start with?  Is there any
path to the singularity that does not require an understanding deep enough
to create a simulation which successfully demonstrates the evolution of
intelligence?  If so, do share.


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