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> To test how universal these body preferences really are, 
> anthropologists Rebecca Sear and Frank Marlowe looked at 
> whether similar preferences existed in the Hadza people, a 
> hunter-gather tribe from Tanzania.
> ... 
>     Hadza marriages don't tend to consist of individuals with 
> similar heights, weights, body mass indexes, body-fat 
> percentages or grip strengths... Emlyn

There is a really excellent article in this month's National Geographic on
the Hadza people, as well as another really good article on SETI and the
known exoplanets.  National Geographic has gotten steadily better for the
last couple decades, as Scientific American has gone down market in so many
ways, competing head to head with Discover perhaps.  I now read National
Geographic more than the mainstream science magazines.  

National Geographic isn't just for cheap thrills anymore; in fact they have
recently displayed a deplorable paucity of boobage.  Now I really do read it
for just the articles.


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