[ExI] taxifornia, the failed state

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 16:02:08 UTC 2009

On 11/16/09, spike wrote:
>  *If you offer a suggestion, keep in mind that property taxes are capped at
>  1% of property purchase price plus 1% increase per year.  That restriction
>  is locked into the state constitution, which means it requires 2/3 vote to
>  overturn, which means it will never happen even if humanity faces immediate
>  and brutal extinction.  You have at your disposal: income tax increases (did
>  that one in February, state revenues went down), sales tax increases (did
>  that one too, state revenues went down as it chased major purchases to tax
>  free internet), and special assessment parcel taxes (flat fee per property,
>  allowed by the state constitution.)

As you might expect some states are more retiree friendly than others.
Surprisingly Florida has higher taxes than you might expect,
considering it has a zero income tax rate. Some states have much
higher property prices and taxes. But remember property taxes are
local, so you need to check each possible town.


And there are many other factors that might be important to you. Tax
reduction is not always the main objective.
e.g. weather, winter heating costs, tornado alley?, lifestyle
facilities, schools, etc.

You probably want to be in the same state as your ranch, or a nearby
state, to minimize travel costs.

What you want is a nice town near the ranch, with zero income tax,
cheap property to buy and low property taxes, nice warm climate, good
schools and a thriving nightclub area for your extra-curricular
activities (or maybe just a good country & western bar / club /
theater).   ;)


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