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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:49:35 UTC 2009

Hi Spike,

Consider the following places for your future retirement...  Hey wait, how
did you ever get so old as to be able to retire? lol

Austin, Texas- I'm always hearing great things about the affordability,
beauty, educational options (hey, you can always take classes for fun) and
also the cultural events there.  You will stay young by being surrounded by
all the young college students.  And going out with Max and Natasha would

Anchorage, Alaska- Great fishing and hunting and your son can get to know my
two little nephews and my brother & his mate!  Oh, and your extropianism can
rub off on them!

Amsterdam, Netherlands- Oh, wait...  I've heard it's not such a happening
place, nowadays. lol  And you're not 21 anymore...  But then, you were never
*that kind* of 21 year-old! hee

Houston, Texas- Greg Burch country!  Ride around on motorcycles with him and
get to know his Lemurs!  Meet the stripper he once said had an IQ "barely
equal to Google search!" lol

Oxford, England- Hang out with Nick Bostrom and Anders Sandberg at
*Oxford!*  Spend some of your leisure time as their academic assistant!
Have Aubrey push you down the Thames in his gondola and enjoy a beer with
him later!  Oh, and watch Jack St. Clair charm the ladies!

Stockholm, Sweden-  A clean and orderly place with lots of beautiful women!
Oh, but you don't know the language, Anders is not there anymore, and you
are married (and so if you are only allowed one look, make it good...)!

Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe/Mesa/Peoria/Gilbert- No snow and cheap housing!
Lots of things to do (being that we have so many "city states" competing
with each other) and Mesa is going to be building a huge water world
resort amusement park and a gigantic film studio complex!  Added bonus: you
get to hang out with me! lol  Oh, and you increase greatly your chances of
personal survival by being near to "The Lab (Alcor)!"  : )

New York City- It offers everything and is THE ultimate metropolis.  But I
guess it is the last place most people would consider for a retirement.  I
may end up there because my father lives in a rent control apt. and it looks
like I may be able to take it over.  But would even I want to live there?  I
don't know. LOL

 San Antonio, Texas- You could visit Damien on a regular basis!  But not too
much, he is a very focused writer and he must not lose his creative muse!  :
)  But then from what I hear, the two of you have a synergistic effect on
each other.

Salt Lake City, Utah-  Lots of friendly Mormons to be your next-door
neighbors! hee  Ski, hunt for dinosaur bones or have lots more children! ;
)  Oh, and you get to hang out with my Mormon Transhumanist
Association buddies, Brent Allsop and Lincoln Cannon.  : )

Portland, Oregon-  Breathe in air from a community that's full of pure
self-satisfaction at being so artistic and environmentally aware!  Ahh, yes,
you are in Portland!  But if you move there, it is required that you
write/draw an autobiographical graphic novel (as everyone else has already
done so!)...  ; )

Whew!  Well Spike, that is my list for you.  And if you are still looking...

"Best Places for a Healthy Retirement"


Best wishes,

John!!!  : )
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