[ExI] The big wta riot

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Nov 24 16:30:51 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Robert Masters

> ...On one side of the room, there's this 
> insanely complicated fight over a scandal that supposedly 
> reveals a coverup of data by global-warming proponents... Rob Masters

Rob a lot of us are waiting to see how much of that hacked email is genuine.
If the stuff that has been leaked is real, it is a major game changer in the
Mann-made global warming debate.  The leaked stuff indicates some bigtime
scientific misbehavior was taking place.  I have to think the files must
have been corrupted; some damaging stuff was invented and inserted.  But if
not, and the hacked email is genuine, we have systematic supression of
dissenting voices on Mann-made climate change.  The scientific debate is far
from over.

This topic really is important to transhumanism, and all of humanity.


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