[ExI] Is tobacco really harmful"?

Robert Masters rob4332000 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 26 01:06:53 UTC 2009

In lieu of individual replies, a general thanks for all the interesting and useful recent information on tobacco and smoking.

Here's a clearer statement of the hypothesis I'm proposing:

Tobacco is not the cause of smoking-related disease.  Instead, the cause is the chemicals added to tobacco.  Pure, additive-free tobacco is harmless.

But NOTA BENE:  I'm not DEFENDING this hypothesis.  On the contrary, my objective is the exact opposite: I want to try to knock the hypothesis down by any means possible.  I'm looking for any and all evidence and arguments indicating that additive-free tobacco is harmful.  The next step will be to see if such evidence and arguments can stand up under scrutiny.

Rob Masters


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