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Tue Oct 20 16:59:39 UTC 2009

On 20 Oct, 2009, at 12:10, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> spike wrote:
>> Anders, precipitating lead from paint chips can probably be done with
>> ordinary household chemicals, but not with vinegar.
> So you think there was too little acetate ions to make lead acetate?

Could be, but i think it unlikely that you would digest PbCO3 (or PbO,  
or lead chromate) with an organic acid. You could check the solubility  
products in the literature to be sure. I looked up lead paint, rather  
than relying on memory. They used all three of the species I just  

> Not to mention the absence of lead in the paint.

Always a good possibility. Being a physicist, I'd find a portable XRF  
unit, or find a lab on campus that had one. XRF will give you proof  
positive of the presence of significant quantities of lead, in any  
oxidation state, in any compound. Hell of a lot easier than chemistry,  
if you've got it. :D

>> Of course if you try to get either sulfuric or nitric acid, you may
>> attract
>> the attention of the authorities.
> "You fools! Can you not see that I am checking the safety of this  
> house?!
> I *need* concentrated acids and heavy metals to keep us all safe and
> healthy!"
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