[ExI] Spider Robinson's wife needs help urgently

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Wed Sep 2 02:43:59 UTC 2009

The wife of Hugo and Nebula award-winning sf writer and punster 
Spider Robinson, choreographer Jeanne Robinson (who cowrote the 
exceptional Stardance series with him) needs help. Now.

I don't know Jeanne but Spider has been an exemplar of extraordinary 
generosity every time our paths have crossed over 34 years.

-- David.



This year a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Andresz Busczowski, helped Jeanne 
Robinson beat back a rare and virulent form of biliary cancer. But 
it's so rare even he can't say how much time he's bought her, how 
soon it might recur. For technical reasons she is not a candidate for 
either radiation or chemo. Her only hope for longterm survival is 
therefore to reboot and reinvigorate her failed immune system. She 
needs special therapies and meds, extensive diet and lifestyle 
changes, and a stress level as close to zero as possible. All those 
are expensive, none are covered by even Canada's excellent medical 
care...and like many artists today the Robinsons were already running 
on fumes financially.

But Jeanne, a Soto Zen monk, has been spreading love and kindness in 
all directions for a long time. So her Buddhist sangha in Vancouver, 
her neighbors on Bowen Island, and friends as far away as Florida 
have all spontaneously come together to raise funds to help keep her 
around as long as possible. Your participation is welcomed. A Bowen 
benefit concert, "WE DREAM FOR JEANNE," will be held at Cates Hill 
Chapel at 7:30 PM on Friday Sept 18 details here; cheques may be made 
out to Jeanne Robinson in Trust and sent to Mountain Rain Zen Center, 
6183 Fraser St. Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z9; goods or services can be 
donated for eBay auction by contacting Jan Schroeder at 
<dreamforjeanne at aol.com>, and PayPal donations can be sent to 

Jeanne and Spider both warmly appreciate your help, support, prayers 
or just good thoughts.

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