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	2009/9/27 Mirco Romanato <painlord2k at libero.it>
		>>The solution is simply, but politicians don't like it.
		Declare war, kill them until they surrender or there are no
one to kill...

	>While I am not always (euphemism!) on the same political side of
Mirco, I have no real qualms about somebody fighting their enemies...What I
do not really like is hypocrisy, sanctimoniousness and
inconsistency...Stefano Vaj

Here's what has changed, and the really important aspect for transhumanists
and everyone living in modern times: the transparency provided by the web.
In the old days, the government had the power to just hang the bastards.
Today I would argue that  it doesn't have that power.  Everyone on the
planet can easily get any computer and google the US constitution and
recognize quickly that it doesn't give guidance in this particular
situation.  Anyone can also follow the fate of those currently interned at
the base in Cuba, henceforth indefinitely.  If they are hanged or face a
firing squad, the previous president may face criminal charges for ordering
their capture in the first place, and the current WH occupant could face
murder charges.  

I see nothing in the US constitution that allows the terrorists to be
captured, tried, held, executed, or tortured, but releasing them is not
acceptable either.  I don't know what the hell we do in that case, but the
transparency provided by the web focuses laser beam attention on the
problem.  The current president and both his predecessors failed to find
solutions to the terrorist problem, and I have not yet heard from anyone a
reasonable and legal solution.

The web also focuses plenty of attention on the fact that the current WH
occupant was elected on criticism of his predecessor and the promise that he
could solve this.  Well now what?


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