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2009/9/28 spike <spike66 at att.net>

> I see nothing in the US constitution that allows the terrorists to be
> captured, tried, held, executed, or tortured, but releasing them is not
> acceptable either.

Mmhhh. Nothing in the interpretation of the US constitution seems to have
forbidden declaring war on foreign entities for some three centuries,
something which in turn gives place, at least in theory, with the
applicability of the international war law.

Dealing sanctimonously with enemies as if they were "criminals", and *then*
blatantly infringing your own criminal law rules according to what may be
more expedient depending on the circumstances, does not really sound as much
of an improvement thereto.

Clinton was sentenced by a Yugoslavian court, *after* the fall of Milosevic
if I am not mistaken, to twenty-years' imprisonment for "acts of
terrrorism", the latter being defined as the bombing of buildings by the
citizen of a country not being technically at war with Yugoslavia, the fact
of using B-3 bombers rather than airlines planes as in 9/11 being
inessential to the definition, according to Yugo laws which are still in
force. Of course, a sentence which would be very unlikely to be enforced
even if Mr. Clinton ever visited the country.

Does it really make sense to go on playing this game?

Stefano Vaj
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