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	2009/9/28 spike <spike66 at att.net>

		I see nothing in the US constitution that allows the
terrorists to be
		captured, tried, held, executed, or tortured, but releasing
them is not
		acceptable either.  
	>Does it really make sense to go on playing this game?
	Stefano Vaj

Ja it does, because we are in a situation where every president, immediately
upon taking office, becomes a law breaker.  We may end up with an odd
situation where each sitting president must use executive authority to
pardon or block prosecution of her immediate predecessor, otherwise face
prosecution herself immediately upon leaving office.  I get the feeling this
is almost what we have today.  

The reason this is unacceptable is that it offers presidents too much
freedom to break other laws besides the ones having to do with how to handle
captured terrorists.

	>Does it really make sense to go on playing this game?

I don't know how to stop playing this game.  If we send the terrorists the
message that the US will not or cannot legally retaliate, we invite ever
more terrorism.  As much as I dislike the idea, I expect the US constitution
needs to be amended to define how to deal with terrorists.  How can we do
that without giving the government still more power?


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