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> 2009/9/28 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
> > Ja it does, because we are in a situation where every president, 
> > immediately upon taking office, becomes a law breaker...
> Aren't we say the same thing? The alternative would be: 
> declare war if you feel you need to, stop dealing with 
> enemies as if they were criminals and you were involved in a 
> law-enforcement exercise... Stefano Vaj

In the case of most terrorists, they commit their crimes (such as training
in the arts of bomb making) within the borders of an ally, as is the case
today with the US and Afghanistan.  We are aiding the Afghan government in
slaying their (and our) enemies living within the Afghan borders, using
drones guided from an office back here in the states.  

If that isn't sufficiently legally murky, wait a few more years until we
develop mostly autonomous drones, who creep up on and slay the terrorists in
the night, based on pre-programmed decisions on how to identify a terrorist.
At that time, a bunch of military field commanders and every sitting
president would be lawbreakers.


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