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2009/9/28 spike <spike66 at att.net>

> In the case of most terrorists, they commit their crimes (such as training
> in the arts of bomb making) within the borders of an ally, as is the case
> today with the US and Afghanistan.

Terrorists as in "the armed forces and the supporters of a government which
was overthrown by an American military party"? :-)

There is however an abundant legal history of non-State fighting parties,
such as privateers, Indian tribes, the WWII Resistance movements, the
national liberation fronts in colonised countries, not to mention armed
groups of some international profile, such as the OLP or the IRA.

Even the precedents of the British Empire fighting the American insurgents
during the War of Independence may be relevant in terms of common law. ;-)

What would be so new, other than an ill-conceived intention to deal with the
problem in terms of criminal law for propaganda reasons?

Stefano Vaj
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