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	2009/9/28 spike <spike66 at att.net>
		>>In the case of most terrorists, they commit their crimes
(such as training
		in the arts of bomb making) within the borders of an ally,
as is the case
		today with the US and Afghanistan.  
	>There is however an abundant legal history of non-State fighting
parties, such as privateers, Indian tribes, ...   >Even the precedents of
the British Empire...

Thanks Stefano, you set me up perfectly for my main point of this whole

	> What would be so new...	Stefano Vaj

What is so new is the transparency provided by the internet.  We now have
eyes and ears that were never available to the masses before the mid 90s.
We have an additional ~20 IQ points in the form of massive quantitites of
externalized knowledge right at our fingertips, in a searchable controllable
format.  Thirty years ago no one would worry about a couple hundred
ill-defined non-state acting hostiles being held prisoner somewhere far
away.  Hell we wouldn't even know about it, much less would we be going nuts
pondering it daily.

The web changes everything.  Now we focus laser beam attention on the fact
that our own government violates the constitution, regardless of what it



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