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Somebody, please wake me up from this nightmare scenario below!

Quoting jameschoate at austin.rr.com:

> Men and women are not the same, obviously. The belief that they   
> should represent in anything equally, other than civil   
> representation is just silly if not ignorant.
> Women do not represent in these sorts of things because their   
> fundamental psychological architecture is not based on   
> confrontational discovery. It's not that women can't, they just in   
> general don't want to. Totally different head. This is probably the   
> most socially/self-destructive meme that has come out of the women's  
>  rights efforts.
> ---- Natasha Vita-More <natasha at natasha.cc> wrote:
>> I will be in Lisbon the second weekend of October speaking at the [INSIDE]
>> conference.  This is a transdisciplinary event which addresses the sciences
>> and arts of human-machine interfaces.  My talk will cover a transhumanist
>> perspective of human enhancement as aiming for radical extension of personal
>> existence, and which includes issues of the Singularity.  Of concern, and
>> this was addressed on the IEET blog, why the Singularity appears to be
>> male-centric.  I simply cannot shed any light on this phenomenon.  If anyone
>> has psychological or theoretical pointers as to why this phonemic has
>> happened, please let me know.  (That it is technological and women are not
>> technological;.mathematical oriented is simply not a good enough defense
>> because it is not true.)  There must be another reason.  Misogyny?  Does it
>> trickle down from the top?
>> Do you all think that could be the beginnings of another hijacking of terms,
>> such as with "cyborg"?  With cyborg, which we all know was Manfred Clyne's
>> description of a man-machine adaptive, self-regulating system for the
>> purposes of space exploration.  Years later, Donna Haraway popularized the
>> term cyborg to reflect a feminist theory.  Now the term is deeply engrained
>> in academic and public sector as being attached to a feminist worldview.  I
>> spoke to Clynes about this and he was quite certain that the feminist use of
>> cyborg was wrong.
>> Because the Singularity has a type of inference of chrysalises, it could a
>> metaphor for the human species reaching a type of maturity in merging with
>> AGI.  Because chrysalis is, on one hand, the life stage of some insects
>> undergoing transformation; on the other hand it is well-known to women as a
>> transformation stage from being fertile, reproductive organism to
>> transforming into non-physically reproductive BUT intellectually productive,
>> wise organisms.
>> "For some women, menopause can transform their lives with the same power and
>> force as a volcano. A woman may be radically different in now she lives and
>> moves in the world, and this transformation affects all hose around her."...
>> Usually this means that a woman (whose instincts are to nurture and protect
>> offspring), now reaching outside the body to nurture and protect life.  As
>> with Rachel Carson, a scientist, whose chrysalis brought her deeper into the
>> rigor of scientific study.
>> Because the Singularity is so male-dominated, I wonder if it is not almost
>> stirring up what might later be a larger issue of gender misappropriation
>> now, which could lead to a strong gender appropriation.
>> I think this is a darn good quesiton to pose to Vernor ... I'll get back to
>> you all after I talk with him about it.
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