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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 22:12:08 UTC 2009

Is the concern here that women will ultimately be left *out* of The
Singularity, when it finally gets here, in whatever form it takes?  Will all
the men upload into godlike cyber-beings to explore and colonize the
universe, while the women are left home on Earth to tend "the homefires?"

I tend to at least partially agree with James Choate, in that men and
women *tend* to differ in proclivities and abilities that relate to math and
science and also in regards to the raw ambition to relentlessly fight their
way up a hierarchical professional ladder.

I realize there are many brilliant women in science and engineering, but
they are greatly outnumbered by males and I think this is more biological
than merely environmental and social conditioning.  And of course there
are extremely talented, ambitious and driven women in corporate America, the
military, etc., but many choose to opt out for the biological imperatives of
reproduction and family life, and so they often end up getting surpassed by
males.  The irony as previously stated by other posters, is that The
Singularity may wipe away such differences.

As for misogyny keeping women out of The Singularity movement, I don't buy
that for a minute.  In fact, I see The Singularity University as a key
factor in getting many more women (from a broad range of professional
disciplines) involved in this crucial matter.  I also envision more and more
females taking part as the U.S. government (and of course foreign
governments), realizes that The Singularity is of vital national
security importance and must be a topic of longterm study and dialogue.

I view you, Natasha, and also P.J. Manney and Shannon Vyff, as just a few of
a growing group of women who are prominent transhumanists and very active in
discussing The Singularity.

John Grigg
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