[ExI] SIngularity - Non-Gender Specific

natasha at natasha.cc natasha at natasha.cc
Wed Sep 30 18:42:51 UTC 2009

On 9/30/2009 6:56 AM, Tom Nowell wrote:
> Since "the Singularity" is an abstract concept about
> rates of change in  technology, I don't see how it can be
> *personalized* as either male or  female, except in the figuration of
> Terminators or Gaiamind or some other comic-strip reductionism."
> I have to disagree with Damian and Natasha here. Abstract concepts
> have a way of taking on their own lives once they leave the purely
> academic

Maybe you  missed my point.  My subject line was "non-gender specific"  
meaning that it ought to be beyond gender codifiers and the  
male-centric aspect of the Singularity, largely stemming from  
discipline specificity rather than multidisciplinary. I suggested that  
a backlash might be a possible appropriation of the singularity ? away  
from this directive. While I do not care if advocates are all female  
or all transsexual, all male, or a full mixture of any gender-type; I  
do care about the *approach* to singularity issues.


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