[ExI] Religions and violence.

John Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 1 17:23:30 UTC 2010

On Jul 31, 2010, at 7:33 PM, Tomasz Rola wrote:

>> Let me ask you one question, do you condemn the whole Nazi group?
> No, because condemning groups was - I believe - exactly what Nazi did. 

Did the entire Nazi group do exactly that?  
Mr. Rola, if your philosophy is so nambe-pambe that you're too squeamish to even condemn the Nazis then something is seriously wrong!  

>>  writer Naguib Mahfouz who's novel is banned in most of the Islamic world for 
>> blasphemy.
> Well, Nobel Prize wouldn't be worth much if it wasn't controversial.

I'm not talking about being controversial, I'm talking about using force to prevent someone from reading a novel from a Nobel Prize winner. Are you really sure you want to defend this? 

> the very fact that Islam is dysfunctional shouldn't stop me from analysing it.

But it should stop you from defending it.

> I never heard of Islamic Revolution as something coming from abroad

I haven't either, as far as I can tell it was a popular movement, and that fact doesn't paint a flattering picture of the average inhabitant of Iran. 

>> This last part is aimed at the apologists for all religions not just 
>> Islam, when they preach about the wonderful things these organizations 
>> have done they always ignore one little fact, it's all based on a 
>> colossal lie. Doesn't the truth count for something?
> If you mean lie about God's existence, this had not been proved yet. Truth 
> would count much more if you could prove it. Before that, "lie" is true in 
> 50%... or more.

Mr. Rola, regarding Christian or Islamic philosophy, did you really find it necessary to put the word lie into weasel quotation marks, and is this really a direction you want this debate to move in? 

  John K Clark

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