[ExI] Religions and violence.

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Aug 3 19:13:10 UTC 2010

Stefano Vaj wrote:
> 2010/8/2 Jebadiah Moore <jebdm at jebdm.net>:
>> But it's pretty clear that it's
>> worthwhile to view a community as an entity (due to various emergent
>> phenomena), and that a lot of people do view communities this way, and that
>> people *value* communities this way.  In particular, they seem invested in
>> trying to maintain the stability, influence, and "essence" (as they perceive
>> it) of the communities they belong to, both during their own lifetimes and
>> into the future.
> My own ideas fit rather well in your description.
> But I am waaaaay reluctant in admitting that, say, a community could
> and should be kept legally or ethically responsible for the behaviour
> of its members.

For damn good reason it should not.  The individual is the unit of 
ethics and moral responsibility.  To hold and individual liable for what 
she did not do is utterly broken.
> Say, as in "they shall pay for what they have done until the umpteenth
> generation".
Yet another pseudo-religious hideous thought to be sure.

- samantha

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