[ExI] Religions and violence.

John Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 3 19:38:09 UTC 2010

On Aug 3, 2010, at 1:06 PM, Damien Broderick wrote:

> Both Aristotle and Kurt Gödel believed in a god

I know, and Godel was I think an even greater logician than Aristotle; nevertheless he was a very odd man. He sealed his windows shut because he thought night air was deadly, he wore heavy woolen coats on even the hottest days because he though the cold was deadly too, and for unknown reasons he insisted on putting cheap plastic flamingos on his front lawn. He ended up starving himself to death, he refused to eat because he thought unnamed sinister forces were trying to poison him. He weighed 65 pounds when he died. 

>  a conclusion they reached on the basis of their (arguably faulty) logic, so they would welcome Mr. Rola to their company.

I'm sure Mr. Rola is an atheist regarding Thor and Zeus and Amun and most of the thousands of Gods human beings have invented for themselves over the centuries, I just go one God further than he does and include Yahweh (aka Allah),  certainly the most unpleasant character in all of fiction.

  John K Clark 

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