[ExI] Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth

Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Thu Aug 5 15:24:47 UTC 2010



We have just been hit by CME (coronal mass ejection). I wonder if anybody 
noticed :-). Any kind of strange phenomenon, like interruptions in power 
and signal transmission? Auroras don't count, they are always out there, 
more or less.

"August 2010 Coronal mass ejections

On August 1, 2010, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for 
Astrophysics (CfA), using images taken from NASA's Solar Dynamics 
Observatory, observed a series of four large CMEs emanating from the 
Earth-facing hemisphere. At an observed velocity varying between 670,560 
m/s and 1,118,000 m/s (meters per second), they were expected to strike 
the Earth's geomagnetic field sometime between August 4 and early August 
5. As of 05:00 UTC August 4, the estimated time of arrival of the series 
was as follows:
Wednesday, August 4  07:00 UTC
Wednesday, August 4  17:00 UTC
Thursday, August 5  00:00 UTC
Thursday, August 5  06:00 UTC[8]

All four were described as large and, according to scientists, possessed 
enough energy to cause aurorae to be observed by the naked eye in 
non-polar regions.[9] According to reports, aurorae would be visible at 
night toward the northern horizon in temperate latitudes between 45° to 
50°, and near overhead in regions farther north.[10]""

[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronal_mass_ejection ]

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