[ExI] Singularity Summit 2010: Just a Week Away!

Michael Anissimov michaelanissimov at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 21:55:03 UTC 2010

Hi Extropians,

Here's my reminder for Singularity Summit
coming up in just a week in San Francisco!  Registrations are still wide

Interested in emerging technologies like brain-computer interfacing,
regenerative medicine, human enhancement, and artificial intelligence?  A
fan of skeptics like James Randi or futurists like Ray Kurzweil?  If so,
check out the upcoming Singularity Summit, an August 14-15 conference put on
by the Singularity Institute in San Francisco.  The speakers
list<http://www.singularitysummit.com/program> this
year is better than ever, and encompasses more than twenty speakers.

Speakers include Ray Kurzweil, James Randi, Irene Pepperberg (animal
intelligence expert), John Tooby (co-founder of evolutionary psychology),
Dr. Anita Goel (leading bionanotechnologist), Prof. Steven Mann ("the
world's first cyborg"), Dr. Gregory Stock (famed bioethicist and author of
Engineering Humans), Ellen Haber-Katz (scientist who studies
fast-regenerating mice), Joe Z. Tsien (creator of the smarter "Doogie
Mouse"), David Hanson (creator of the world's most realistic humanoid
robots), Brian Litt (inventor of silk brain implants), and many others.  The
Singularity Summit is both the premier event on the Singularity and among
the most ambitious interdisciplinary emerging technologies conferences

Registration for Singularity Summit is
The cost reflects the quality and effort put into the event.  Discounts are
available for students, VC-funded young entrepreneurs, academics, and those
who refer non-students.  Discounted hotel rooms at available at the
venue), and booking a room at the Hyatt gives you a $100 discount on
registration.  There is also a Meet the Speakers
event<http://meetss10speakers.eventbrite.com/>on Saturday night we are

See you in San Francisco for this awesome event!

michael.anissimov at singinst.org
Media Director, Summit Organizer
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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