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Thu Aug 5 19:12:36 UTC 2010

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Cool article, thanks MB!

>> Hmmm, disagree.  Ticks do not have shells, but you might be right that the mosquito
>> cannot penetrate whatever it is the ticks do have.

>Ticks have an exoskeleton.  Chitin. Hard.
I do stand corrected on that.  The article claims ticks have shells, and the rest of the stuff sounds like they know from ticks:
"...Ticks are robustly built and their shell is extremely hard. A female tick (if not enlarged as a result of feeding on the host’s blood) or a male tick is very difficult to destroy. Ticks bodies are able to withstand great pressure without any consequences and still be able to crawl away from you..."
This I can confirm by firsthand experience.  One cannot crush a tick between one's fingers, or at least I can't.  I could collect some and next ExI-schmooze we could have a tick crushing contest.  
On the other hand, just the sound of that seems somehow out of character with the nature of ExI-schmooze activities, such as the now-legendary Hakosote incident at my house instigated by Eliezer, even though he was as sober as a Methodist minister when we did it.

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