[ExI] they aren't words, but should be

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Aug 9 18:44:20 UTC 2010

>...Currently, many people take the... koron literally...
Thanks, I actually prefer that spelling.  It is easier to write poetry about
>...so I cannot spean on that point.
Yes I know it was a typo and I know what you meant, but this minor error is
actually a good thing.  The term spean is a perfect example of a
non-scrabbleable word, a word that is not in common usage, but should be.
To make our language more manageable, we should be defining and using pretty
much every single syllable word.  Why are we wasting perfectly good spean?
What is a spean?  Or how does one spean?  Please pass me the speanish
hortch?  Or create a speanly groil?  
Sure we can google and find that bit about the Scottish using it for wean,
but we already have wean and do we really need two rhyming words for that
rather obscure notion?  So let us spean or have a spean, or please suggest a
definition, perhaps to be used for some new concept in the field of
transhumanism, which shall need many new terms, such as reeth and spean.
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