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Il 25/07/2010 17.39, Keith Henson ha scritto:
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> If you wanted to see Islam become a peaceful religion, figure out how
> to raise the average income per capita over a long term for those
> peoples.

It can be pointed out that wealth don't change much the attitudes of people.
What change the attitudes of people is the number of children.
When you have six children, you can afford to lose half of them because
of violence, a plague, whatever. When you have one or two, losing a
child or two is a big issue.
Parents will be less than happy if their child become a jihadi, if he is
the only one or one of two. And will reject any preacher telling them to
kill themselves or to go in war.

The falling birth rates in the Muslim nations are a good thing.

But, the basic tenets and example of Islam are to bound to continue to
cause harm, because their example to follow (Mohammad) was a killer, a
liar, a highway robber, a slaver, a torturer, child molester and so on.

Islam never was contaminated, like Christianity, by the Greek
Philosophy. Christianity was, initially, a religion for the city
dwellers, where Islam was a religion for the Bedouins raiders.

In many way the reason of the initial success of Islam (the Sword) is
the reason it stagnated after. It was reinvigorated only by the wealth
of new conquests and the armies of new converts. Now, from the wealth of
oil. Before oil, it was retreating.
When Britain conquered India, the Hindus were kicking the Muslims (with
Sikh help) out of the Sub-Continent, something like a Hindu Reconquista.
In a similar way, when America was discovered, this projected the
energies of the Europeans there and not against North Africa and the
Near East.

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