[ExI] Religions and violence

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Aug 11 19:28:57 UTC 2010

Il 31/07/2010 21.41, Ben Zaiboc ha scritto:
> While we're talking about the idea of a modern and acceptable Islam:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHdMlT3E7cg
> In light of the principle of abrogation in the Koran, I'm wondering
> if anyone has created a version of it that omits the abrogated bits.
> That would make things much clearer.

Sorry, but it is not so easy.
First, there is not a secure chronology of the suras, so it is matter of
opinions what is abrogated and was it is no.
Then adding or subtracting from the word of God is a capital offense in
Given the belief that the Kuran is uncreated and exist from the
beginning of the time, the contradicting texts are considered correct.
Think at them like the Cat of Schroedinger, it is dead and alive in the
same time, until you observe it.
So the Muslim, like the Cat, must be peaceful and violent in the same
time. What you observe is one of the states possible. But the other is
equally possible under different circumstances, often random one.

Or, if you prefer, it is like a buffet, where the Muslim take what he
like and want when he prefer. Good and peaceful Muslims can become rabid
killers in just a moment of faith.

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