[ExI] Religions and violence

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I disagree. The tenets of any religion are open to interpretation, and both 
various Christian and various Buddhists (again, see 
http://www.amazon.com/Zen-at-War-Daizen-Victoria/dp/0834804050 -- the title is 
_Zen at War_) have interpreted their religious doctrine to justify war. (You 
completely left out Judaism and the fact that Christians generally accept the 
Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as canonical. The Hebrew scriptures definitely 
provide rationales for wars and even for genocides -- as well as supposedly 
documenting both wars and genocides carried out in the name of that religion.) I 
bet the truth is any long lived and widespread religion is going to be open to 
justifying war -- because, it seems to me, human societies have always made war 
and any society that was bound by an absolutely pacifist religion would likely 
be wiped out by others not so bound.



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Il 11/08/2010 21.46, Sabrina Ballard ha scritto:
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> Good and peaceful Muslims can become rabid killers in just a moment
> of faith.

> The same is true with Christians and any variety of agnostic or
> atheist that is not a pacifist.

I politely disagree: Christians, like Buddhists and others tend to
become killers against the tenets of their faiths, where the Muslims
tend to become killer when they start to take their faith too seriously.

A Jews could ask himself "What would do Moses, or David, or Salomon"?
A Christians could ask himself "What would do Jesus?"
A Muslim would ask himself "What would do Mohammad?"

The difference is all there.

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